The Eye

Does anyone really look into the eye,

Stare at the far reaches of the sky,

Admire the beauty of the night,

Understand beyond the touch, smell, sight.

Look into the depth of the heart,

See their dirt and yet not start,

Feel the pain they hide within,

Accept both the good and the sin,

Believe in the beliefs of those they hold dear,

Whether they’re far or they’re near,

Gauge all that they hide inside,

And still stand tall, as turns the tide,

Their eyes tell you what they can’t say,

It’s all the same to them: night and day,

They look so normal but they’re no longer sane,

Just look into the eyes to feel their pain.


I wish I could

I wish to hold u in my arms

And watch you go to sleep,

I want to stare at you so long

That my eyes start to weep

I want to hold you by my side

And care for you in every way

I want to love you more

With each passing day

Because you aren’t my present

You aren’t my past or my future

You are my very being

Which your love nurtures

You are my hope, my heartbeat

My dream, my desire

You are my tailor’s thread

My blacksmith’s fire

Without you there isn’t me

There’s only a huge hole

There isn’t any light

My mind’s as black as a coal

You make me feel alive

You are my breath, my food

I feel like a king

You make me feel so good

You burn me like a fire

And cool me like an ice

I want to see you happy

Whatever be the price

If you ever leave me

I will lose my self

Because you make me who I am

A bad Orc or a good Elf

I would gladly die in your stead

Just to see you smile once more

I would kill to get you

Even if it killed my heart’s core

So promise you will be with me

Throughout my imperfect life

And I will care for you such

That you will never face any strife!