Fairy Tales

A Poem which consists of lines referring to various movies, sitcoms and books that I like. Try and guess as many as you can! Hope you are successful!

This poem is actually a simple dream. Fairy Tales often form the basis for our wishes and our desires. Movies, Books have always been a source of fuel for our never ending imagination and so I used it to think of all the things that I have ever imagined myself to be when I read or see such things.


What do you see through my eyes?

Is it the meadows, the endless skies?

Or perhaps you watch the flowers bloom,

The wedding jitters of the groom,

The happy life of a couple old,

Or Ben Gates as he finds the city of gold,

Maybe you watch the girl on fire?

Or the chosen one’s hidden desire.

Could it be you worry for Poseidon’s son?

Or for the wish list of Meg left undone,

Do you stare at Kate’s wedding dress?

In her lover’s absence, hiding her distress

Perhaps you wonder about The Consulting Detective’s brains,

Or the Theoretical Physicist’s craze for trains!

Is it the analyst’s hobbies that do scare?

As he sends the message for killers to beware.

Maybe it’s the con artist’s pleas unheard,

Which play your heart’s mournful chord.

Does the lawyer’s charm your bells ring?

Or perhaps for his associate your hearts sing?

It could be the cunning politician or the archer hero

That makes you reach cloud nine from ground zero.

Whatever it is that your eyes search

Whether a mortal’s instrument, or an owl’s perch.

The alchemist, the sorcerer or his apprentice,

The man in the moon or the genie for your wish.

You can find it all in my mind,

Not just one or the other but every kind.

For my eyes don’t just see, they also explore,

The avenues unseen, the closed door.


They push the boundaries and yet lie unbelieved,

Because in the end the truth is only what’s perceived.

And so the stories of courage and inspiration,

For now, remain a part of my vivid imagination.