FlyingStartpictureWho Doesn’t Want To Fly….


I am looking for a reason to fly,
To spread my joy and never cry,
I am searching for some hope to give,
That makes it worth for someone to live,
There is too much in this world to see,
There is so much I want to be,
But there wont ever be time,
So I am writing down this rhyme,
Maybe it’ll spread a bit of my love,
Maybe it’ll end the push and shove,
Coz everyone has their dreams and hope,
Everyone wishes for that miracle rope,
Which will save them from the despair,
So just show someone that you actually care,
You never know how it may be of use,
If you could get it would you refuse,
So just let me spread my wings and fly,
Let me glide through the open sky,
Maybe I’ll succeed in what I believe,
Maybe someone will finally take a leaf
From these books that I write in rhymes,
That I leave in the hands of fate and time,
Wishing that there’d be a bit more of joy,
I know I sound like a baby asking for a toy,
But every bit of love that I share today,
And I know I’ll pull through come what may,
Because as long as you have me around,
Laughter will be the only sound,
I’ll never let you be sad again,
And you’ll want to ride this train,
Coz whoever you may be, you’ll know your worth,
In my life everyone’s aces, no one is dirt,
The only thing that matters is the smile on your face,
Its better than all chocolates and the finest of lace,
Coz just one smile can make my day,
And coz of that smile I want to say,
I want to spread my wings and fly,
And draw a rainbow in the sky,
With my love and with your smile,
It’ll be longer than the River Nile!

Candle’s Light

One of my shortest poems till date.


I seek the comforts I do not know,

To hide the pain I cannot show,

Cowering from the darkness inside,

I wait for the turning of the tide,

I know not right, I know not wrong,

I am not weak but I can’t be strong,

The raging storms ravage my mind,

I seek mercy but I fear the kind,

Is this the new start to life, is this the new face of spite,

I do not know but I still hope

That this is, in darkness, a candle’s light.