He sat on a chair alone and wary

He prayed to Jesus and Virgin Mary

Asked for a partner with whom to grow old

To share body warmth in the arctic cold

The world stops and laughs at his stupid prayer

He looks so ugly that no one can bear!

But what they don’t see is the loneliness in his eyes

The tear stains on his cheek each time he cries

He talks on the phone to his family and friends

Every minute of the day messages he sends

But that doesn’t end his lonely strife

But that doesn’t fill the void in his life

One day a girl enters as a stranger

Even though she is ordinary her presence does linger

She talks to him, shares his joys and woes

She makes him laugh and wiggle his toes

But alas good things never do last

She had come like lightening and left just as fast

Leaving him alone with no reason, no story

She leaves him Barbaric all suspicious and gory

He searches for her all over again and again

But nowhere to be found, she has left him alone with pain

He realizes that the world was too selfish and rotten

But his anguish doesn’t matter because he has already been forgotten.



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