The simple truth of life and people. About why we adore some people even if they in actuality would be very annoying and why we hate some even though we are very much the same. Why some people matter the most even though they aren’t a part of our lives anymore and why some people don’t matter at all even if we meet them everyday.



The curves beneath the earth, on the paths we walk sometimes tends to be wonky. Ofcourse that’s not how we would like things to play-out but…

Letting go or walking away from a relationship doesn’t mean you love that person any less. It doesn’t mean you don’t think of them, or don’t still keep a slice of love for them in your heart. If you’re naturally heading on separate paths, it can be very peaceful to just accept the love you will forever have and keep on swimming.

There are also some people you will never walk away from no matter how different your life’s paths become. In order to keep these people around sometimes we just have to re-evaluate the relationship. Find the new place for it in your life. When things get rocky, ask yourself if there is an amount of rocks that will make you walk away…

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