A Walk To Remember

For your reference this poem has absolutely nothing to do with the Book written by Nicholas Sparks besides its name.


Would you let me into your heart?

Play your loving knight’s part.

Maybe have a cup of tea,

As we look out at the rolling sea.

Perhaps walk down the sandy beach,

Or maybe, heaven, try and reach?

Walk On Beach

Forget about today, not worry about tomorrow,

Leave an entire life behind, all joys and all sorrow.

Maybe grab a bite or two,

No one else, just me and you.

The times that have past,

Those memories may not last.

But we will always remain,

Because we keep each other sane.

In this mad house where we live,

People take, they do not give.

But I found your kind soul,

And made it my life’s goal.

Infinity and beyond,

Or maybe just across the pond.

Let’s stay all our lives,

Forget all the flowers, and forget all the knives.

It maybe just a dream,

But that’s all that my heart screams.

To make the most of what is now,

Forget the when and how.

So let’s just walk down for a bit,

Maybe while the sun is still lit.

Maybe till this wind blows,

Till the ice cream vendor goes.

Till we catch up with our past,

Till our final breath lasts.


4 thoughts on “A Walk To Remember

    • I would’ve joined you. But I think I am gonna speak to my mum and dad and go for TFIOS. I dont want to but I will! 😛
      P.S.: Thanks for the compliment.

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