He Fell

He fell so quick it was hard to believe,
He fell so hard that no one could perceive,
Ignoring all warnings, all cautions he went,
Using all the courage that his small heart.

He Fell

He could hardly comprehend what transpired,
He tried harder even though he was tired,
Because he knew that she was the one,
That this was the last race he had to run.

He knew he was close enough to reach,
He felt his heart, finally her walls, breach,
But alas, it was too late for him,
Behind the walls was a message grim.

He realized her heart was already claimed,
He was too slow and himself he blamed,
There was no one to calm him down,
No one to turn his frown upside down.

He was still alone as he was before,
He was left waiting at the door,
Of the gates where love resides and plays,
Where lovers spent their nights and days.

He wept, cried and screamed his pain,
He tried and tried for nought to gain,
Still a lesson he had learnt true,
Love wasn’t always for people two.

He still loved with all his heart,
He loved her more as pain tore him apart,
And still he smiled every day, month, year,
As he saw her loving someone, to her, dear.

He never said it, nor expressed or showed,
He survived the storm that fate his way had blowed,
And still he loved her every moment of his life,
Smiling as he saw her become someone else’s wife.

He grew tired, weary and old,
He had faced every hurdle strong and bold,
But even as on his bed he lay spent,
Those three words he never said to her, he still meant.

And even at the end of his courageous rise,
He was truly a man, very wise,
For he had found what love truly meant,
It was to see her smile, every moment living spent.


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