Death The Savior

An old poem I wrote when I was.. well… naive.
If death be my savior,
It will save me from this pain,
I have lost my love,
Now there’s nothing to gain.
Emotions have fled me,
I have become a stone,
Without some one to laugh with,
I am all alone.
I can feel no more of joy,
Nor can I be glad,
But death will save me soon,
And then I won’t be sad.
I have lost my logic,
My sense and my reason,
I have lost the sense of time,
And stopped enjoying all the seasons,
For my life lacks meaning,
Without you in my life,
When I don’t have you,
Why should I strive!
All my hopes have been shattered,
My faith is long lost,
All my strength has been battered,
At my sanity’s cost.
If death be my savior,
I know it will save me,
I am already lost,
In all the pain that I see.
But maybe there is a chance,
That I wont be lost forever,
Once again some one,
Shall make me love forever.
But will it be the true one,
Or just another prank call,
I don’t know if I will survive,
Or if I too shall fall…

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