Atleast I Tried

Ok This is the sixth poem I wrote, around 2 years back, so please forgive any and all mistakes.

I look around at the star filled night,

I will not go down without a fight,

Love is a game that two people play,

Though the time is gone I have to stay,


You look at me with your friendly eye,

Each time I see you, a million times I die,

Love is not a game played fair,

Its do the challenge or do the dare,


In life everyone walks this path,

Where Aphrodite lets loose her wrath,

It starts the first time you, at her, looked,

You thought of her twice with each breath you took,


Whenever she was around you behaved like a fool,

Trying to show her that you are so cool,

You followed her around like James Bond,

Thinking of a picnic with her at a pond.


One day you realised time was short,

Someone was trying to enter her heart’s fort,

You struggled, you tried, and you fought till the end,

But not one message, of your love, you could send.


Her relationship status changed to committed,

You had lost her now you lay defeated,

Your heart broke down and you cried a lot,

You started down life’s path at a grave march trot.


You fell down the path once, twice, thrice,

You felt all alone, this was love’s price,

Suddenly in your vision you saw a hand reach out,

Familiar it was but you still had doubts,


The hand was of the girl you wanted back,

She wasn’t committed, her account just got hacked!

You both had found your love pure and true,

In the end of this story I’d like to thank all my friends and crew!


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