True Friendship

Words of love, words of truth,

My heart’s desire, my sweet tooth,

Lies, Deceit and Falsehood ignored,

Living like a fool because I’m bored,

There are no unconditional vows,

There are no curtsies and no bows,

Still I continue to love you,

Because besides that I don’t know what to do,

You do not see the truth in my voice,

My dreams now filled with hope and rejoice,

They aren’t so different from what you see,

It just replaces your Prince Charming with me,

You don’t see how honesty in my so-called jokes,

How I love you behind my taunts and pokes,

They’re just a facade to hide the fact,

Love hidden behind a friendship pact,

But I won’t let you know this ever,

If my friendship survives I have succeeded in my endeavor,

Because not for love but to gain your care,

I have lost all sense of true and fair,

I have forsaken all happiness and right,

Just to see you smiling till I have my eyesight!


2 thoughts on “True Friendship

  1. This is so beautiful and heartfelt… It breaks me to see the good guys not get the girl they deserve… i hope this never happens to you 🙂

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