He sat on a chair alone and wary

He prayed to Jesus and Virgin Mary

Asked for a partner with whom to grow old

To share body warmth in the arctic cold

The world stops and laughs at his stupid prayer

He looks so ugly that no one can bear!

But what they don’t see is the loneliness in his eyes

The tear stains on his cheek each time he cries

He talks on the phone to his family and friends

Every minute of the day messages he sends

But that doesn’t end his lonely strife

But that doesn’t fill the void in his life

One day a girl enters as a stranger

Even though she is ordinary her presence does linger

She talks to him, shares his joys and woes

She makes him laugh and wiggle his toes

But alas good things never do last

She had come like lightening and left just as fast

Leaving him alone with no reason, no story

She leaves him Barbaric all suspicious and gory

He searches for her all over again and again

But nowhere to be found, she has left him alone with pain

He realizes that the world was too selfish and rotten

But his anguish doesn’t matter because he has already been forgotten.


Fairy Tales

A Poem which consists of lines referring to various movies, sitcoms and books that I like. Try and guess as many as you can! Hope you are successful!

This poem is actually a simple dream. Fairy Tales often form the basis for our wishes and our desires. Movies, Books have always been a source of fuel for our never ending imagination and so I used it to think of all the things that I have ever imagined myself to be when I read or see such things.


What do you see through my eyes?

Is it the meadows, the endless skies?

Or perhaps you watch the flowers bloom,

The wedding jitters of the groom,

The happy life of a couple old,

Or Ben Gates as he finds the city of gold,

Maybe you watch the girl on fire?

Or the chosen one’s hidden desire.

Could it be you worry for Poseidon’s son?

Or for the wish list of Meg left undone,

Do you stare at Kate’s wedding dress?

In her lover’s absence, hiding her distress

Perhaps you wonder about The Consulting Detective’s brains,

Or the Theoretical Physicist’s craze for trains!

Is it the analyst’s hobbies that do scare?

As he sends the message for killers to beware.

Maybe it’s the con artist’s pleas unheard,

Which play your heart’s mournful chord.

Does the lawyer’s charm your bells ring?

Or perhaps for his associate your hearts sing?

It could be the cunning politician or the archer hero

That makes you reach cloud nine from ground zero.

Whatever it is that your eyes search

Whether a mortal’s instrument, or an owl’s perch.

The alchemist, the sorcerer or his apprentice,

The man in the moon or the genie for your wish.

You can find it all in my mind,

Not just one or the other but every kind.

For my eyes don’t just see, they also explore,

The avenues unseen, the closed door.


They push the boundaries and yet lie unbelieved,

Because in the end the truth is only what’s perceived.

And so the stories of courage and inspiration,

For now, remain a part of my vivid imagination.

Happy Friendship Day

My ramblings on Friendship considering its Friendship Day!

Being an insomniac has many disadvantages: Feeling tired and lifeless in the mornings, not to mention the fact that we are often sleepy when we wake up after our short periods of sleep. But the obvious advantage is the excess of time to do things you may or may not want to do. This excess time has often helped me catch up to my favorite sitcom or complete a very interesting book. But off late I have realized when I don’t have anything particularly interesting to do, this excess time is also a major pain in the backside. You tend to think a lot and consider things that you may not even have noticed. I have always had this “Thinking” problem. My friends call me an over-thinker. I, for one, agree with them wholeheartedly but can do nothing to change this fact except to find something to occupy my time with.

But, getting back to the topic, in my hours of insomnia I have come to realize that while we may not talk to someone, may not be in talking terms with them. There is always this tug that we feel whenever we see them. The tug is either to shout at them and make them realize how much our heart wishes to cover the distance between us. Or it is to just apologize and hope that someday we will succeed in getting our friend back. While this may or may not be possible, it does not change the fact that we have indeed lost a friend whether it may be by our fault or by nature’s intervention.

In my short life, losing a fair amount of friends and gaining a certain number of new ones I have come to realize that any friend, no matter how annoying or irritating, has his/her pros. And while we may dislike the way they behave or act around us or in general public. We continue to care for them. But it may not change our annoyance and irritation which causes us to do things which we may regret in the future. Trust me I know regret well enough that I can tell you to not do a thing regardless of how much better it may make you feel at that moment. In today’s world finding a friend who constantly criticizes or embarrasses you, may not seem so likable but the truth is you’re happy to have them there and you need them just as much as you need your best friend. With time when you lose someone close to you, you start regretting those jokes, those outbursts and those stupidities which have pushed your friend away from you. And once that happens your apologies and your regret matter as much as the promise of an immortal life which is nothing since it is not true.


Advice for the wise: Don’t let your ego or your anger ever come between any friendship. Because once you lose it, you have lost it and it won’t ever be the same again.

Now ending my stupid monologue on my awesome blog, I’d just like to thank all my friends for being there through thick, thin, long, short, tough, easy and even crazy times. You made me what I am and no matter any regrets, any joy, any tears I shed or laughter that came out of me. I love you (Strictly friendly for the ladies and bromance for the guys)! I hope our friendship endures through all that time can throw at us and then we can get drunk and laugh at its foolish attempts. No matter where you are, when you are, how you are, I will always be by your side.


Happy Friendship Day!

Some relations are made, some are godsend

Those that stay through everything, they are called friends!

They laugh with you in good times, they laugh with you in bad

But in this journey called life, they are siblings you never had!


There is a state of oblivion,

Unknown, unwanted, unseen yet haunting,

There is an eternity of wait,

A task inevitable yet inevitably daunting.


We lie in its shadow,

Awaiting the distant ends,

Watching the sands of time,

Writing on the banks where river bends.

Hope keeps us alive,

It makes us expect more,

Yet time reminds us,

We reach closer to Death’s door.

And still we go on our daily routine,

Trying to survive another day, another night,

To watch another sunset,

And another dawn’s first light.


Yet we forget not, the job incomplete,

And when our time does come,

We are not happy for the rest,

But still worried about the tasks left undone.


The simple truth of life and people. About why we adore some people even if they in actuality would be very annoying and why we hate some even though we are very much the same. Why some people matter the most even though they aren’t a part of our lives anymore and why some people don’t matter at all even if we meet them everyday.



The curves beneath the earth, on the paths we walk sometimes tends to be wonky. Ofcourse that’s not how we would like things to play-out but…

Letting go or walking away from a relationship doesn’t mean you love that person any less. It doesn’t mean you don’t think of them, or don’t still keep a slice of love for them in your heart. If you’re naturally heading on separate paths, it can be very peaceful to just accept the love you will forever have and keep on swimming.

There are also some people you will never walk away from no matter how different your life’s paths become. In order to keep these people around sometimes we just have to re-evaluate the relationship. Find the new place for it in your life. When things get rocky, ask yourself if there is an amount of rocks that will make you walk away…

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A Walk To Remember

For your reference this poem has absolutely nothing to do with the Book written by Nicholas Sparks besides its name.


Would you let me into your heart?

Play your loving knight’s part.

Maybe have a cup of tea,

As we look out at the rolling sea.

Perhaps walk down the sandy beach,

Or maybe, heaven, try and reach?

Walk On Beach

Forget about today, not worry about tomorrow,

Leave an entire life behind, all joys and all sorrow.

Maybe grab a bite or two,

No one else, just me and you.

The times that have past,

Those memories may not last.

But we will always remain,

Because we keep each other sane.

In this mad house where we live,

People take, they do not give.

But I found your kind soul,

And made it my life’s goal.

Infinity and beyond,

Or maybe just across the pond.

Let’s stay all our lives,

Forget all the flowers, and forget all the knives.

It maybe just a dream,

But that’s all that my heart screams.

To make the most of what is now,

Forget the when and how.

So let’s just walk down for a bit,

Maybe while the sun is still lit.

Maybe till this wind blows,

Till the ice cream vendor goes.

Till we catch up with our past,

Till our final breath lasts.

He Fell

He fell so quick it was hard to believe,
He fell so hard that no one could perceive,
Ignoring all warnings, all cautions he went,
Using all the courage that his small heart.

He Fell

He could hardly comprehend what transpired,
He tried harder even though he was tired,
Because he knew that she was the one,
That this was the last race he had to run.

He knew he was close enough to reach,
He felt his heart, finally her walls, breach,
But alas, it was too late for him,
Behind the walls was a message grim.

He realized her heart was already claimed,
He was too slow and himself he blamed,
There was no one to calm him down,
No one to turn his frown upside down.

He was still alone as he was before,
He was left waiting at the door,
Of the gates where love resides and plays,
Where lovers spent their nights and days.

He wept, cried and screamed his pain,
He tried and tried for nought to gain,
Still a lesson he had learnt true,
Love wasn’t always for people two.

He still loved with all his heart,
He loved her more as pain tore him apart,
And still he smiled every day, month, year,
As he saw her loving someone, to her, dear.

He never said it, nor expressed or showed,
He survived the storm that fate his way had blowed,
And still he loved her every moment of his life,
Smiling as he saw her become someone else’s wife.

He grew tired, weary and old,
He had faced every hurdle strong and bold,
But even as on his bed he lay spent,
Those three words he never said to her, he still meant.

And even at the end of his courageous rise,
He was truly a man, very wise,
For he had found what love truly meant,
It was to see her smile, every moment living spent.

Maketh or Breaketh?

Maketh or Breaketh?

This particular blogger has been an inspiration for me. She has been one of those few people who I would be proud to see at the top of the world. Her morals, her dedication, her hard work, SHE as a PERSON is someone I respect, admire, love, like and criticize. Criticize not because she is bad at something but because I expect a lot better from her. And this is one of those few thing that make me admire her.


FlyingStartpictureWho Doesn’t Want To Fly….


I am looking for a reason to fly,
To spread my joy and never cry,
I am searching for some hope to give,
That makes it worth for someone to live,
There is too much in this world to see,
There is so much I want to be,
But there wont ever be time,
So I am writing down this rhyme,
Maybe it’ll spread a bit of my love,
Maybe it’ll end the push and shove,
Coz everyone has their dreams and hope,
Everyone wishes for that miracle rope,
Which will save them from the despair,
So just show someone that you actually care,
You never know how it may be of use,
If you could get it would you refuse,
So just let me spread my wings and fly,
Let me glide through the open sky,
Maybe I’ll succeed in what I believe,
Maybe someone will finally take a leaf
From these books that I write in rhymes,
That I leave in the hands of fate and time,
Wishing that there’d be a bit more of joy,
I know I sound like a baby asking for a toy,
But every bit of love that I share today,
And I know I’ll pull through come what may,
Because as long as you have me around,
Laughter will be the only sound,
I’ll never let you be sad again,
And you’ll want to ride this train,
Coz whoever you may be, you’ll know your worth,
In my life everyone’s aces, no one is dirt,
The only thing that matters is the smile on your face,
Its better than all chocolates and the finest of lace,
Coz just one smile can make my day,
And coz of that smile I want to say,
I want to spread my wings and fly,
And draw a rainbow in the sky,
With my love and with your smile,
It’ll be longer than the River Nile!

The Eye

Does anyone really look into the eye,

Stare at the far reaches of the sky,

Admire the beauty of the night,

Understand beyond the touch, smell, sight.

Look into the depth of the heart,

See their dirt and yet not start,

Feel the pain they hide within,

Accept both the good and the sin,

Believe in the beliefs of those they hold dear,

Whether they’re far or they’re near,

Gauge all that they hide inside,

And still stand tall, as turns the tide,

Their eyes tell you what they can’t say,

It’s all the same to them: night and day,

They look so normal but they’re no longer sane,

Just look into the eyes to feel their pain.